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Clarification Text on Processing Receiver Personal Data

1. The Purpose of Clarification Text and Data Controller Position of Our Company:
  1. Our company, DERYA OTOMOTİV AKARYAKIT TAŞM. SAN. VE .TİC. A.Ş. (“Derya Mermer” and/or “The Company”), has the capacity of “data controller” under the Law no.6698 on the Protection of Personal Data in terms of personal data of the customers and in this Clarification Text, it is aimed to enlighten the customers on data processing activities conducted by Derya Mermer in accordance with the Law.
2. What Personal Data Do We Process?
  1. Your personal data that you share with us or may be subject to processing if necessary is as follows:
  2. Identity Data Name-Surname
    Communication Data Phone, E-Mail, Company Name
    Web Site Usage Data Application/Request Form filling date
3. Why and How Do We Request Your Personal Data?
  1. As a company we collect your personal data orally, in physical or electronical media that we request from you due to fulfilling our legal obligations, to perform the service agreement between us and the reasons set forth in the laws and for the legal interest of the Company.
  1. We can collect your personal data in electronical media or orally and physically for the performance of the service agreement between us.
4. The Purpose of Processing Your Personal Data:
  1. Your personal data can be processed by Derya Mermer due to following purpose and legal reasons but not limited to these.
  1. Your personal data, including the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law, and including the planning and execution of the commercial and/or business strategies of the persons who have a business relationship with Derya Mermer and the provision of legal, technical and commercial job security, can be shared with DERYA OTOMOTİV AKARYAKIT TAŞM. SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş., Group Companies, Company officials, our affiliates, business partners, suppliers, shareholders, legally authorized public institutions and organizations and private institutions in the framework of personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Articles 8 and 9 of the Law.
  1. In order to better perform the service we provide to you, to improve ourselves and to fulfill marketing and research activities;
  1. For the management of the company, conducting the works, applying the Company policies, especially;
  1. The personal data cannot be processed without explicit consent of the data owner as a rule. However, the Law has determined some situations in which data can be processed without express consent in terms of personal data and sensitive personal data within the scope of of Articles 5 and 6.
  1. The personal can be processed even without explicit consent of the data owner (provided that necessary clarification is provided) in accordance with the Article 5.
  1. The Law shall not be exercised in the following cases in accordance with the Article 28 of the Law:
5. Transfer of Personal Data of the Customers:
  1. Your personal data can be transferred to specialist companies or servers of the applications that we use in order for us to conduct certain activities from time to time.
  1. If you are in our SMS sending list, bulk SMS or e-mail sending list, your necessary data can be transferred to the companies who send bulk e-mails only for conducting the activity in question.
  1. If we need technical support, the consultant companies and operator company need to be able to access to our systems from time to time, thus your data in the relevant systems can be accessible for the companies in question. However, we can take necessary measures in order for this companies not to use your personal data.
  1. Your data can be transferred to the companies with which we cooperate for campaign purposes from time to time if you accept too.
  1. Your data can be transferred to gift companies so that we can send you a celebratory gift.
  1. We can share it with relevant authorities in the framework of our responsibility to fulfill legal requests such as court order or evidence request in order us to exercise our right of defense provided that this is in accordance with our lawyers and law and procedure.
6. Sharing Your Personal Data With Third Parties Abroad
  1. We can share your personal data in some cases with the below-mentioned receiver groups abroad.
  1. We can be working with a third party company abroad in order to send bulk e-mail to inform you on developments, promotions and innovations. We can share your personal data with these companies only for this purpose.
  1. We can transfer the necessary personal data to the servers located abroad of the companies that conduct customer satisfaction analysis to determine if you are satisfied with our services and to discover how to make you and our other customers more satisfied.
  1. We can transfer information, documents, files etc. that we produce, obtain and acquire in the framework of our activities to the to servers located abroad of applications and databases that provide record keeping service.
7. The Method and Legal Ground of Collecting Personal Data:
  1. The personal data is collected from the customer in electronical media. The personal data collected due to abovementioned legal reasons can be processed and transferred for the purposes specified in Consent Text in the Articles 5 and 6 of the Law and in cases where this Clarification Text and express consent are required.
8. The Rights of the Customers as Personal Data Owner:
  1. In accordance with the Article 11 of the Law:
    1. To learn if the their personal data is processed;
    2. If personal data has been processed, to request information about it
    3. To learn the purpose of processing the personal data and whether they are used for their intended purpose
    4. To know third parties to whom personal data is transferred at home or abroad,
    5. To request correction of personal data if it was processed incomplete or wrong and the notification of the transaction made in this context to the third parties to whom the personal data has been transferred,
    6. To request the deletion or destruction of personal data in the event that the reasons for processing disappear, although it has been processed in accordance with the provisions of the law and other relevant laws and to request the notification of the transaction made in this context to the third parties to whom the personal data has been transferred,
    7. To object to the emergence of a result against the person himself by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,
    8. To request indemnify the loss if he incurred loss due to unlawful processing of the personal data.
  2. The applications to be made to our Company in this framework can be submitted to us by printing personal data protection law application form;
    1. by the personal application of the Applicant,
    2. through Public Notary or
    3. by sending registered e-mail of the Company which is [email protected] by singing with secure electronic signature defined in Electronic Signature Law No. 5070 by the Applicant;
    4. by e-mail to be sent from the e-mail address registered in the system of our Company and previously notified by the Applicant to our Company.



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